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Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan (意力拳)is a Chinese martial art (much like Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang) based on Tai Chi and Zen principles. It was developed in Malaysia based on several Chinese and Hakka martial arts. It emphasizes the training of both the mind and the physical body. Its central philosophy is to recognize “the Way” as it is – the natural laws that govern both our mental and physical self. Such recognition is predicated upon a mental state that is best described by the 3 mental factors:


Formless, &


In the field of meditation, such a mental state is a kind of deep mindfulness which the I Liq Chuan practitioner utilizes to recognize the 6 physical points:


Center of Gravity,


Center of Mass,

Internal & External Circle, and

the Spinning Force of Coordination

The training relies on a set of 15 solo basic exercises, two forms, and two main partner exercises (spinning hands and sticky hands). Beginners jump right into both solo and partner exercises, because the exercises are the context through which the mind observes the 6 physical points and the 3 mental factors. Ultimately, the recognition of “the Way” enables one to unify the mental and the physical, and to unify oneself with the opponent & environment.  

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2014 Sam Chin I Liq Chuan Workshop in Honolulu, HI

Jun 14-15, 2014. Workshop. See Sam Chin Honolulu Workshop Facebook Event Page 


Thursdays 7:15-9:30 pm at Ala Moana State Beach Park. Look for us at the picnic tables next to the Canoe Storage opposite the big magic island parking lot. This is the main class that covers the core I Liq Chuan curriculum including the 15 basic exercises, the 21 form, spinning hands and stick hands. Note that spinning hands and sticky hands are different from Tai Chi Push Hands although some of the skills do transfer to Push Hands.

Mondays 7:15-8:30 pm at Manoa Marketplace. Look for us near the Bank of Hawaii. Monday is a pure spinning hands training session that is not suited for complete beginners unless taken concurrently with the Thursday classes or learning the 15 basic exercises on their own. 


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Beginner's class will follow closely the system and curriculum set forth by the co-founder of the art, Sifu Sam Chin. 

Video clips: There are many videos of I-Liq Chuan on youtube. Here's one that gives a good overview.