Zhong Xin Dao - I Liq Chuan - Hawaii

Who We Are

Brief History of I-Liq Chuan in Hawai'i 

Update: I've just got new information on the history. This section is being re-written. 

I-Liq Chuan was first introduced to Hawaii when John Chang, a student of Sifu Sam Chin moved to Honolulu in ????. Mark Tagiguchi studied I Liq Chuan from John....

Mark Krivda moved to Honolulu in 2003(??). Mark trained extensively with Sifu Sam Chin prior to his move to Hawai'i. Mark returned to New York late 2008. In mid 2009, Lipyeow Lim moved to Hawai'i to take on a new job opportunity and decided to start an I-Liq Chuan class. Lipyeow Lim has been learning and training the I-Liq Chuan art since 2004.